Infinity from Marvin Celebrates 20 Years

Infinity from Marvin Celebrates 20 Years


Infinity from Marvin celebrates 20 years of providing top-of-the-line products built to last with innovative design and form. Infinity from Marvin has been providing creative replacement windows and door products for 20 years. In that time, Infinity from Marvin’s dedication to their mission – “creating the best possible experience for customers” – made them an integral part of the industry. Infinity from Marvin has remained committed to using premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and sustainability to make their stylish, energy-efficient products stand out. From beautiful wood windows in various colors available in custom shapes and sizes, Infinity from Marvin offers a vast selection of designs and styles so homeowners can find the perfect window or door product to enhance their homes.

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Fiberglass vs Wood Windows: What’s the difference?

Fiberglass vs Wood Windows: What’s the difference?

One of the most important decisions when replacing your home’s windows is choosing the right material. As we touched on in the Vinyl vs Fiberglass blog article, this can seem overwhelming simply due to the number of options available. Here, we’ll discuss two of the more popular options, fiberglass and wood, so you can feel confident making the best decision for your home.

Wood windows

Wood has been a popular window material option for centuries due to its abundant supply and the traditional detail it offers. Compared to materials like vinyl, wood is a strong, durable option that resists warping during temperature changes.
Originally made by craftsmen, wood windows were built with an artisan’s touch. Modern wood windows continue to convey a sense of craftsmanship and detail, and are often selected for their rich, traditional appeal. Wood windows also can add charm and beauty to a home.
However, upholding that charm and beauty long-term requires periodic care and preservation. While wood windows offer strength and stability, they tend to require more maintenance and refinishing. Inspecting, sanding, reapplying stain, resealing, and repainting, are all part of owning wood windows. That’s a lot of work.
Wood windows also tend to cost more than other materials, especially when you factor in the cost of maintenance, repair, and eventually, replacement (again).
Is there a way to have the traditional look and character of wood, but more durable and with less maintenance?

Fiberglass windows

Compared to other materials, fiberglass is the strongest material you’ll find for replacement windows. Since fiberglass windows don’t deteriorate or rot, they offer better strength and stability than wood windows, and without the maintenance. Due to the resiliency of the material, fiberglass maintains its shape even in the harshest of climates with regular exposure to temperature variation, wind, rain, or snow. Fiberglass windows expand at virtually the same rate as glass, making them more resistant to leaks and seal failures that can affect long-term performance.

Infinity from Marvin’s Ultrex® fiberglass 

While fiberglass is a superior material compared to wood, not all fiberglass windows and doors are the same. Infinity from Marvin’s Ultrex fiberglass is a proprietary composite designed and engineered by Marvin — making our windows truly unique. In fact, when it comes to strength, stability, and durability, Ultrex fiberglass continues to outlast and outperform the competition.
Ultrex fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl and 3x stronger than wood/vinyl composites — supporting up to 34,000 pounds. That strength allows for narrower frames, bigger views, and additional sunlight in your home
Ultrex fiberglass is thermally stable, so it expands 87% less than vinyl windows. That stability means Infinity from Marvin’s windows and doors stay tight and true even after extreme temperature swings. By expanding and contracting at nearly the same rate as glass, Infinity windows made with Ultrex are more resistant to leaks and seal failures so you can enjoy your windows for years to come.
The strength of fiberglass windows is important, but Ultrex fiberglass has more than strength — it adds beauty. Infinity’s proprietary acrylic finish is 3x thicker and smoother than the competition. The finish resists scratching and denting and performs so well that Infinity offers dark colors without fear of UV degradation or fading.

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Tracy and Fizz’s 10,000 for the Troops

KYGO’s Tracy & Fizz’s 10,000 for the Troops is back!
We are on the mission again this year to collect holiday cards to send to deployed and local U.S. troops!
We’re asking our listeners to help us brighten the holidays for our bravest that are away from their families over the holidays and those local troops serving as well.  The deadline to drop off cards is November 15th.
Start writing out those holiday cards now and drop off at Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton located at 209 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO 80120 or at any of the Smashburger locations listed below!

Store Name Store Address City State Zip
Glendale, CO 1120 S. Colorado Blvd. Glendale CO 80246
Applewood 3356 Youngfield St. Wheatridge CO 80033
Quebec 7305 E. 35th Ave., Ste. 165 Denver CO 80207
Northglenn 832 E. 120th Ave. Northglenn CO 80241
Tabor Center 1201 16th St., Space 106 Denver CO 80202
Parker 2630 S. Parker Rd. Aurora CO 80014
Crestline 8100 W. Crestline Ave., Ste. A2 Littleton CO 80123
Colfax & I-225 – Aurora 13700 E Colfax Ave., Ste. K Aurora CO 80011
Alameda & Wadsworth – Lakewood 7740 W. Alameda Ave., Ste. B Lakewood CO 80226
2nd & Union 220 Union Blvd. Lakewood CO 80228
Orchard 14375 Orchard Pkwy. Westminster CO 80023
Smoky Hill & Aurora Pkwy 23890 E. Smoky Hill Rd., Unit 240 Aurora CO 80016
Dillon & McCaslin 994 W. Dillon Rd. Louisville CO 80027
104th & 36 6415 W. 104th, Ste. 100 Westminster CO 80020
Lowry 200 Quebec St. Bldg. 100, Unit 115 Denver CO 80230
Denver Tech Center 5302 DTC Boulevard, Ste. 500 Greenwood Village CO 801111

To coordinate a drop-off at the station, please contact Jordan White at
You can also scan the QR code below if you would like to donate to Operation Warm Heart, a non-profit organization that provides financial relief for Airmen, Guardians, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen during emergency situations.  Operation Warm Heart has assisted individuals get home to family in emergency situations and purchase food for families who were going through financial hardships.  For example, a Team Buckley Airman’s family member experienced a life threatening medical emergency.  The funds from Operation Warm Heart have also been used to purchase airline tickets for the Airman to get home within hours of the notification.  “THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL ACTIVITY.  IT IS NOT A PART OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE OR ANY OF ITS COMPONENTS AND IT HAS NO GOVERNMENT STATUS.”

Special thanks to our 10,000 for the Troops sponsors:


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Get Your Home Ready for Winter: 10 Tips

As we enter November and the temperature starts to drop in many parts of the US, one thing is certain: Winter is coming. (Insert Game of Thrones joke here.)

Depending on where you live, that may mean snowfall and subzero temperatures. Regardless, there’s no time like the present to prepare for the cold season — especially as extreme weather conditions become more common.

Preparing your home for winter takes some effort, but many of the best measures are easy and free. Use these home maintenance tips to create a winter home maintenance checklist, so you can spend those cold days warm and cozy. We’ve also got tips on how to protect your pipes and how to keep your pets safe and calm during a winter storm. We also break down how much it costs to run a space heater

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Founding Member of Marks All Pros



Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton is proud to be a Founding Member of Marks All-Pros

Remodeling is hotter than ever, with no signs of a slowdown in the future.  With the future of Denver’s home values climbing and showing ‘no signs of letting up,’ remodeling continues to dominate the home improvement market.  When homeowners are looking for remodeling contractors who can they trust? There is no better way to find a reputable contractor than from referrals.  That’s where Marks All-Pros comes in.  Mark Schlereth and his partners created his referral network to simplify the process and help you connect with honest, trustworthy and professional companies.  His name, the integrity that he possesses, and his dream to build the best referral network in the country made Marks All Pros.  Marks All Pros connect smart consumers with great businesses exactly as they say they will.  Mark Schlereth is a proven winner, and all of Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton’s customers know they need a winner they can trust when replacing their windows and doors.





Now is the best time to improve your home

With little inventory, homeowners are investing their money in the smartest place… their home. Now is the time to replace your windows if you’re hoping to save energy, improve your home’s appearance inside and out and value. We can help homeowners out with home improvement projects.






When should you get new windows for your home?


When do you need new windows and doors?

For most homeowners, knowing when to get your windows replaced can be a big question.  Should you replace windows in the summer or winter? Is it all about saving money?  Is it a long term investment?  Is it about upgrading energy efficiency?  All of these and more are prime considerations in deciding when and how to improve your windows; solving comfort, convenience, and maintenance problems are also crucial.

• To help you make the most of window and door replacement projects, here are other things to consider:


Do you want to be remodeling during the holidays or when it’s warmer out?


Maybe you are just ready for a change.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Some people live in their homes for a very long time.  Why not enjoy it and remodel it the way you want as opposed to what the resell market wants?  New windows will help upgrade your home and your life.


Tired of using wood dowels to lock or prop up your windows?  Do your windows even lock anymore?  If you have to worry about home security and you have already hired a locksmith to check all of the locks, you may need to replace windows and doors.


You have decided to do your windows.

You’ve got the go-ahead on your window replacement project.  Now it’s time for the details, such as:

  • Window or door type
  • Interior and exterior material
  • Divided light styles
  • Color and stain
  • Hardware style and finish
  • Shades and color
  • Security sensors
  • Screens


What other situations should you consider for window and door replacement?  Here are 9 Questions to ask when shopping for replacement windows.





Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton has opened their new showroom in Littleton.  It’s on the same street a block west of their previous showroom.  The best part is all of the new displays and inspiration when customers walk in.  If you want to experience window replacement the right way visit now at 209 W Littleton Boulevard, Littleton, CO 80120

Fall and Winter Energy-Saving Tips

Don’t be left out in the cold – Installing ENERGY STAR qualified windows lowers energy bills and adds comfort to your home.


Fall and Winter Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home  


Use these winter energy savings tips to cut back on your utility bills and make your home more comfortable during the heating season.