Prefab Home in Martha’s Vineyard Feature Marvin Windows and Doors

Prefab Home in Martha’s Vineyard Featuring Marvin Windows and Doors

Faced with the challenges of building on an island, a New York-based family embraces the benefits of prefab design with a custom Axiom timber home, including Marvin windows and doors.


This Inviting Prefab Home in Martha’s Vineyard Takes Cues from Nature

In the seaside village of Chilmark, tucked into a quiet wooded setting, a home with gracious architecture and light-filled interiors honors its owners’ deep ties to the land. “My family has lived on Martha’s Vineyard for ten generations,” says Will Seward, a New York City–based builder by trade. When it came time to build his own home on the island, he and his partner, Michelle, knew they wanted a custom dwelling with minimalist, yet warm and approachable design that felt in harmony with its setting.

To achieve the family’s desired indoor/outdoor lifestyle, Wright ensured plenty of openings throughout the home and fitted them with windows and doors from the Marvin Signature Ultimate collection. “Marvin understands the kind of rigor and tolerance needed for prefab designs,” says Wright, “and their windows hold in heat in the winter and allow cooling in the summer, reducing energy use.”

For the couple, part of this harmony meant working within the natural constraints of their location, which—accessible only by boat and air—can quickly escalate costs both financial and environmental. “Building on an island is tricky,” says Jake Wright of Turkel Design prefabricated homes, who solved the couple’s problem with a customized take on the Boston-based company’s Axiom 2790 model.

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Home Windows in Marthas Vineyard

Dreaming of living in a Martha’s Vineyard Home? This is the perfect place for history lovers and adventure seekers alike. With its unparalleled landscapes, vibrant culture, and fascinating past, Martha’s Vineyard offers boundless opportunities for exploration and discovery.
From its breathtaking sandy beaches to pristine sand dunes and stunning cliffs, this island is alive with unparalleled beauty and rarity. Unravel the secrets of nineteenth-century European settlers while unraveling unique Transatlantic architecture interlaced everywhere throughout the island—adding to its deep roots pioneering history.

Take part in exhilarating water sports activities such as sailing, kiteboarding, and surfing, along with non-motorized water-sports, including kayaks, paddle-boards, and OUTRIGGER rides to get a closer connection with nature on a shore break adventure. Explore the thriving regional art scene amongst renowned musicians playing alongside crowded street musicians along pleasant evening encores at local eateries, from bygone pirate days to colonial whaling days.


What home maintenance tasks should you be focusing on the rest of the year?



Home Maintenance Checklist



We thought we’d share some home maintenance tasks you can do monthly throughout the year. The key is working at it every month to make it easier for you.

What’s not to love about summer? If you need a push to get into the summer spirit, be sure to read our random trivia facts that will have you ready to face the heat with the enthusiasm of an 8-year-old at a water park.

This month’s recipe for Buffalo Grilled Corn is the biggest thing to hit corn since man found out he could put it in a fire. Tangy, saucy, fire-roasted corn is topped with funky blue cheese for a whole mouth full of flavor. It’s the perfect side to any protein you put on the grill.

We hope you and your loved ones are enjoying the early days of summer!



  • Perform a security check

     Home robberies often increase during the summertime months, mainly because burglars expect homeowners to leave for long holidays. Be sure and check your locks, doors, and windows, then invest in a reliable security system that watches your home.


  • Repair the roof

     The end of August is an excellent time to fix or replace roof shingles. The late-summer, early-fall timeframe also ensures that new shingles have time to seal and form an impenetrable barrier.

  • Cut the cord. As fall arrivals and TV networks air the brand-new seasons of each hit show, cut the cable cord, save up to $150 a month, and shift to a streaming platform where you can watch all your desired entertainment while saving money in the process.


  • Ready the fireplace and service your heating system

     Book a service to clean and repair the fireplace and flue. Doing so not only assures adequate heating but also reduces smoke and fire hazards. Also, ask a technician to service the heating system, ensure the equipment is appropriately working order, replace filters, increase energy efficiency, and mitigate fire hazards.  Verify that indoor and outdoor air vents are not obstructed.


  • Check critical batteries

     If you intend to use the fireplace a great deal, replace the batteries for your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors before burning the first log.

  • Assess the paint. Walk around the outside of your house and look for peeling or blistering paint. If you see any, it's time for a paint job.


  • Monitor your energy usage

     You can accomplish this project any time of the year, but November works well since the heater and lights cause energy use to spike.


  • Vacuum the refrigerator coils

     Your refrigerator consumes a sizable amount of power, so trim its diet by cleaning the coils.



  • The most extended barbecue on record lasted 80 hours and set a record. It included 1,000 hot dogs, 558 burgers, 526 sausages, 104 pieces of chicken, and 200 pieces.
  • The Eiffel Tower gets six inches taller in the summer. The 1,062-foot monument is more than six inches taller in the heat, thanks to thermal expansion.
  • There was once a year without summer. In 1816, a massive volcanic eruption partially clouded the Earth’s atmosphere, causing snow in June and frost in August.
  • There are about 300 varieties of watermelon. There are about 50 trendy varieties, including Seeded, Seedless, Mini, Yellow, and Orange.
  • The beach ball was invented in 1938.
  • Hot Dogs are best selling BBQ meat throughout the summer.

Window and Door Security Tips for Better Home Safety from Marvin Windows

Handy tips and smart products that will make thieves think twice about targeting your home.

Install Smarter Windows and Doors

Home security systems have been around for a long time because they work. There are dozens of legitimate platforms to choose from, but when it comes to windows and doors, there are two basic approaches you can take. You can either set up motion detectors that detect movement within the house or install lock status sensors that will let you know if your doors and windows are locked or if someone unlocks them. Both systems can be built in to a new or existing home. Marvin Lock Status Sensors are integrated into the window itself so you don’t see any unsightly sensors like many of the systems require, and they are hardwired so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries.

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Infinity from Marvin Bifold Doors 

Reimagine how you live and entertain with Infinity from Marvin’s Bifold Door. Bifold doors Effortlessly slide and stack the door open to frame your own scenic view and invite maximum airflow into your home. When completely closed, the Infinity Bifold Door is designed with narrow profiles to fill your home with light. Only Infinity’s Bifold Door is built with Ultrex® fiberglass on the exterior and the interior for virtually no-maintenance performance.

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GuildQuality Recognizes the 2021 Guildmaster Award Winners

GuildQuality’s 2021 Guildmaster Award Honors Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton


Denver, CO, April 1, 2021 – Since 2005, GuildQuality, an Atlanta-based third-party customer satisfaction surveying company, has powered the Guildmaster Award to recognize and celebrate home building, remodeling, and contracting professionals demonstrating the highest level of customer service within the U.S. and Canada.

Out of nearly 2,000 eligible applicants, Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton is one of 400+ businesses within the residential construction industry recognized by GuildQuality for consistently delivering superior customer care.

In determining which businesses received the 2021 Guildmaster Award, GuildQuality reviewed thousands of survey responses submitted by customers of Guildmaster candidates and considered two primary metrics for each candidate: the percentage of customers stating they would recommend the business to a friend and the percentage of customers who responded.


“Being recognized in the most competitive window market in the country as a Guildmaster is something we couldn’t be more thankful for!” – Crissy Gravina

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9 Home Design Trends to Embrace in 2023


9 Home Design Trends to Embrace in 2023

As the world of interior design continues to evolve, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest fads. The year 2023 promises to be an exciting one for home design, with some bold new looks sure to transform how we decorate our homes. Here are nine home design trends to keep an eye on in 2023.

  1. Sustainable Materials: Eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood are becoming increasingly popular in home design. These materials are not only environmentally friendly, but they also add a unique, natural touch to any space.

  2. Colorful Kitchens: Bright and bold colors pop up everywhere in the kitchen. From cabinets to backsplashes, these vibrant hues can instantly transform a room.

  3. Statement Wallpapers: Wallpaper is making a big comeback in home design. Whether a modern geometric pattern or a bold floral print, wallpaper can add a dramatic touch to any room.

  4. Natural Accents: Natural elements such as stone, wood, and plants are becoming increasingly popular in home design. These materials can add texture and warmth to any space.

  5. More Natural Materials: One of the biggest home design trends for 2023 is a move toward more natural materials. This includes textiles such as wood, stone, and bamboo. These materials are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but they are also more durable and sustainable.

  6. Bold Colors: Another trend that is gaining favor is the use of bold colors in home design. Bold colors can add a touch of personality to any space and make a small room appear larger. This can be done through accent walls, furniture, or even appliances.

  7. Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterns are also becoming more popular in home design. These patterns can be used in various ways, including on walls, floors, furniture, and accessories. Geometric patterns can add interest and visual interest to any space.

  8. Smart Home Technology: Innovative home technology can make your life easier and help you save money on your energy bills. Innovative home technology is also becoming more popular in home design. This includes programmable thermostats, lighting controls, and security systems that can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

  9. Sustainable Design: Sustainable design is another trend that is gaining popularity in home design. Sustainable design considers the environmental impact of the materials used in a home and the home’s energy efficiency. Sustainable design features can lower your carbon footprint and save you money on utility bills.


Home design is ever-evolving

Home design is ever-evolving, changing from year to year to stay on trend. 2023 is expected to bring some exciting home design trends that homeowners will embrace. Bold color palettes are replacing the more understated look of years past, and natural materials like stone, stone-like porcelain, marble, and cork, as well as sustainable materials, have become a focus. Home automation takes center stage as it allows homeowners the convenience of controlling their homes while they’re away in an easy-to-use fashion. Comfort and coziness have become essential elements in home design trends, too – making cozy spaces with rich textures and layered details a key factor when designing your home. Smart home upgrades such as voice assistants also offer great function and convenience with the latest home designs that make home living more manageable than ever before.


Space Heater Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

Photo credit: mycan

Is a space heater a fire hazard?

If your windows and doors are old and leaky you may look to space heaters for more comfort in you home during winter.  Space heaters are a nice way to heat up specific parts of your home.  But are they dangerous? 

If you intend to use portable electric space heaters, make sure to observe these tips and recommendations:

• Purchase a heater with the seal of a qualified testing laboratory.
• Keep the heater at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn.
• Choose a heater with a thermostat and overheat protection.
• Place the heater on a stable, level surface.
• Make sure your heater has an auto shut-off to turn the heater off if it tips over.
• Keep space heaters out of the way of foot traffic. Never obstruct an exit.
• Keep kids away from the space heater.
• Plug the heater directly into the wall socket. Never use an extension cord.
• Space heaters should be switched off and unplugged when you vacate the room or go to bed.

Stay safe this winter with our portable heater safety tips. From space heater technology to standard usage tips, Sylvane’s got you covered with advice and tips on using space heaters safely this winter season.

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