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Homeownership comes with plenty of considerations, including how long your windows will last. As inefficient and outdated windows can not only detract from the value of a property but also affect comfort levels - when is it best to replace them?  We go into detail on what you should look out for that may indicate its time to upgrade your window frames, as well as help calculate an approximate lifespan so you can make an informed decision both now and in the future.


Signs You Need Replacement Windows

If you notice any of the following signs in your home’s windows, then it is probably time for replacement: fogging between glass panes; drafts coming through the window frames; difficulty opening and closing; cracked frames or sashes; chipped paint; water stains on interior walls; condensation buildup between panes; rattling noises; or noticeable gaps between sashes and frames.


Marvin Window Replacement Benefits

Replacing old windows with new ones offers many benefits beyond improving aesthetics. More recent models can increase energy efficiency by up to 25%, reduce noise pollution from outside sources, reduce heating/cooling bills by up to 20%, improve air circulation in rooms with limited ventilation, protect against UV damage from sun exposure, provide better security features such as locks and sensors, provide more accessible cleaning/maintenance options like tilt-in sashes or easy wash hinges on casement windows.
When considering a window replacement project for your home, please consider how long ago they were installed and any visible signs of damage, including fogging between glass panes or difficulty opening/closing them properly. Additionally, weigh all the benefits of upgrading your current windows and doors with newer ones, such as Marvin Windows.

Replacing old windows with new ones is a fantastic way to upgrade your home, increasing energy efficiency and improving overall comfort levels.

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