Will I be able to order to a complete Marvin Tilt Turn window anymore?

No. The Magnum Tilt Turn window, as it has been known since
introduction in 1984, will no longer be available. Marvin offers many other
window designs to meet a wide variety of applications. Marvin sales and
Architectural Department are available to assist in finding the right product for the
customer’s project.

Now that Magnum Tilt Turn windows are no longer available to order, what alternative product can I recommend to
customers that are interested in these types of windows?

Marvin offers several products that can meet the needs of a customer
seeking to match the operation of the Tilt Turn window. The Signature
Collection offers the Ultimate Casement and Awning window in both a crank and
push open hardware style. The Ultimate Inswing Casement product is available
in OMS under Signature Solutions and is available in an aluminum clad or wood
exterior. The Simulated Double Hung Hopper, a unit that looks like a double
hung and operates as a hopper, is available with assistance from a Marvin
Dealer. For information on these, and other Marvin
products, please visit

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