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If you are in the market for replacement windows, you came to the right place.

Marvin Windows is the leading manufacturer of made-to-order wood and aluminum clad wood windows and doors. Marvin Windows offers endless customization options and design flexibility with energy efficient windows, patio doors, and sliding doors.  Call or email us today for your free consultation.

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Never Replace Your Windows Again!


We’re glad to be part of your due diligence process. Our customers are savvy consumers who spend time doing the research in selecting just the right replacement window with just the right company. From the initial purchase, to the installation, and for years to come, you will find us ready and willing to serve you. We look forward to making you another one of our happy customers! – Jim Gravina

Why Gravina’s Window Center?

We are a family owned company serving the Denver Metro Area for over 40 years. Gravina’s Window Center is a well-established company constantly recognized for outstanding service in window and door replacements. Here at Gravina’s Window Center, we understand exactly how your window and door replacement needs will affect the comfort level of your home for years to come.

Family Owned and Operated!

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When customers choose Marvin replacement windows they are getting windows that are Built for Life! Marvin windows will make a room stand out like never before. There is also the benefits of energy efficiency thanks to the different glass options to choose from. With energy costs constantly fluctuating, it may be important now, more than ever, to invest in Energy Star Rated windows. Do it once and never have to do it again.