When should you get new windows for your home?


When should you get new windows for your home?

For most homeowners, knowing when to get their windows replaced can be a big question.   Is it all about saving money?  Is it a long term investment?  Is it about upgrading energy efficiency?  All of these and more are prime considerations in deciding how to improve their windows; solving comfort, convenience, and maintenance problems are also crucial.

• Test your remodeling know-how with six real-life window and door replacement scenarios.

• To help you make the most of window and door replacement projects, here are six actual project scenarios. See how other remodelers and replacement contractors addressed the challenge in a way that brings new life to the properties and     considers how you would respond in simlar situations.


We have decided to do our windows!

You’ve got the go-ahead on your window replacement project.  Now it’s time for the details, such as:

  • Window or door type
  • Interior and exterior material
  • Divided light styles
  • Color and stain
  • Hardware style and finish
  • Shades and color
  • Security sensors
  • Screens



What other situations need to be considered for window and door replacement?

Here are 9 Questions to ask when shopping for replacement windows.




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