5 Things About Window Replacement To Help Homeowners












5 Things About Window Replacement To Help Homeowners

When replacing windows, homeowners have a tough decision to make. Choosing a window that provides long-term durability and the perfect look for your house is essential – but with so many options, how can you determine which window is right for your home? We advise using four critical criteria when selecting replacement windows:

  • Style, cost savings potentials vs. initial expense costs
  • Energy efficiency ratings
  • Strength of the construction material used

Doing this research will ensure an educated choice.


Five factors determine the qualities and durability of replacement windows. 


Total Performance

Replacement windows and doors should be thermally effective and add to the complete comfort of your home. 

Pick a window that meets ENERGY STAR® guidelines and has a .32 or lower U-Value, which measures heat transfer within the window.

Material Strengths

Today, many window materials make it complicated for homeowners to understand which materials best suit their needs.

Replacement windows should be low maintenance, durable, and continue to look good over time. Wood windows look great but will require much more upkeep over time than fiberglass or low-maintenance vinyl alternatives.

Vinyl, the most frequently used material, tends to warp, fade, expand and contract in extreme temperatures, causing seal failures over time.

A better option is pultruded fiberglass for windows, like Infinity from Marvin. Vinyl also expands at higher rates than fiberglass. Because of its incredible durability and strength, fiberglass outperforms all other vinyl windows.

Appearance and Design

Advances in technology have made it possible to purchase high performance, long-lasting replacement windows that look great too.

Look for a narrow window profile. The thinner the profile, the more space can be used for glass, letting in more light and enhancing your view. A replacement window should also blend in seamlessly with your home, so choose a window that complements your interior. 

Reliability and Expertise

There are hundreds of window manufacturers in the marketplace today. How do you know who to trust? Will the manufacturer choose still be in business ten years from now if you have a service need?

Choose a window manufacturer who is well-established and has an excellent reputation. Ask around to see who has been satisfied with the installation and service they received when replacing their windows.

Total Value

To ensure the best value, look for a business known for its reliability and expertise and a product that delivers it all – excellent performance, superior materials, and unmatched features and design – all at a competitive price.



Source: www.windowsforyourhome.com

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